“The VASI has been an invaluable tool in the assessment and treatment of sex offenders. Having this objective test has helped establish a client’s high risk areas for supervision and targeted needs for treatment."

Karan E. Goins, LCSW

Based on Neuroscience

The VASI was developed by Dr. Eric Sellers, a leader in cognitive neuroscience and Dr. Mike Adler, renowned for decades in the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders. Here at HemispheresNeuro we understand that the assessment options available for sex offenders are limited. Utilizing the VASI as part of your overall assessment of risk increases accuracy and confidence resulting in improved effectiveness with treatment plans and intervention. The VASI is affordable for any size provider. We have several payment and use plans for providers whether you evaluate one, two, or 50 clients per month.

20 years of research

The development of the VASI follows 20 years of research collecting data from several thousand adult sex offenders on patterns of sexual offending including victim selection, visual interest, and visual behavior.

This research also included observing and evaluating offenders’ visual interaction in thousands of assessments involving the presentation of images to the offender.

This research identified specific, unique, and consistent visual behavior patterns. These visual behaviors are strong indicators of an individual’s sexual interest and the risk to sexually act out. We evaluate where clients look, and how they interact with images in everyday activities, including various media such as television, magazines, books, and computer use. The VASI leverages observations made during 20 years of research and treatment of sexual offenders into a 15-minute risk assessment.